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Zoeline Management is an international consulting company, founded in 2003, which has been operating in the field of business consulting, management and investment for corporate and private clients for more than 15 years.

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Using professional knowledge, strategic partnership with professional offices in Europe and Asia, knowledge of the industry specifics of our clients, we provide support and services in legal support, we provide services for the organization of real substance in Cyprus, preparation of financial statements, development of business plans, concepts and business strategies, search for partners, M&A transactions, Due Diligence, selection, analysis and support of investment projects in countries such as Greece, the UK, Cyprus, France, Belgium.

Partners & Associations

We are members of various international associations, which allows us to maintain a developed network of professional contacts in the interests of our corporate and private clients.   Membership in Associations: Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry   British Expertise – participation in the development of the business community, business presentations and the exchange of professional experience.



  Classic Car Invest Belgium. The company Art Vesta is a representative of the Belgian company Classic Car Invest and offers investment programs in classic cars and collection management.  With more than 20 years combined experience dealing at the top end of the classic car market, our Belgian partners have the best recommendations from customers, professional experience and strive to help collectors make the right choice when buying a car, asset management and also in the further sale of the car and the purchase of complete collections. In 2018, together with our Belgian partners and with their direct participation, investors invested more than 65 million Euros in cars that were successfully resold in 2019. Among the names are: Aston Martin D84 Zagato, Aston Martin D84 GT Engine, Bugatti Atlantic, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 250 TR, Ferrari 250 SWB Alloy comp, Ferrari 250 SWB Shark Nose one off, Ferrari Sergio, Moserati 300S and many others.

HERMITAGE GROUP is a representation, consulting and GSA company founded in 2004 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Hermitage Group has its head office in St. Petersburg and counts with delegations in Moscow, Barcelona, Prague and Geneva from where it operates throughout Russia, CIS, Baltic states, Poland, Finland and the rest of Europe.

It renders a full range of services in the hospitality-related areas:

  • Promotion and positioning of destinations, institutions and tourism boards;
  • Public Relations and Marketing for hotels, destinations and hospitality-related companies;
  • Hotel Consultancy;
  • Management of the hotel development projects;
  • Real Estate projects (residential and commercial).

Go east Business Club (France) – Cultural and business exchange club with bringing together people, companies and organizations from all countries to facilitate, promote and develop friendly, cultural and business ties to countries in the East of France, including Eurasia, either Eastern Europe and Asia.

MARQUISE INVEST SAS, France – International Public Relation and Business Development.

ART Vesta Consulting (Cyprus) – an international project launched in 2017 in the area of alternative investments, art management and consulting, organizing art events and networking.

Cyprus-Russia Business Association (Cyprus) – Its aim is the strengthening of the relations with the Russian market and the promotion of Cyprus as an International Business Centre and the attraction of foreign investments.

  5D Gryphon, London – Since in 2011. Asset Management. Lettings and Property Management. Investment in Real Estate.


Meet Our Team

Our team consists of professional and experienced employees in the fields of finance, law, compliance, management, taxes. The company’s work is based on the principles of professionalism, trust, loyalty to our customers and business partners, as well as knowledge of the industry-specific features of our customers ’business.

Irina Shalabanova


In a present time general director and partner in an investment consulting company Zoeline Management Ltd.

Evelina Fisher

Lintelligent Director

15 years’ experience working with businesses and governments in consulting and business development roles in market and economic research.

Zoeline Management

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been in this corporate consulting business, we were able to help hundreds of top-flight companies and thousands of individuals to find the right solutions.