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We help organizations implement their business strategies by consulting with them to build effective organizations, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

We offer comprehensive solutions to problems that involve our involvement in processes, ranging from concepts to their implementation with maximum efficiency


We provide business consultations regarding all business issues. We work with small and large enterprises as well as with private entrepreneurs.


Support of mergers and acquisitions


Investment consulting and project support


Management and Administration


Marketing consulting and strategies


Advice on the choice of a banking structure, taking into account the KYC procedure. Supporting the procedure for opening and further monitoring of bank accounts


Analysis of the existing and building the optimal business structure

Financial Services 

Financial consulting and acquisitions 


Investment consulting that works

Zoeline Management is a group of companies which is engaged in international investment and business advisory, project structuring and management activities in Western Europe, the United Kingdom and Cyprus.

Using our expertise, understanding of market trends, international partnerships and knowledge of the financial instruments we help to implement investment objectives of the corporate and private clients.

We identify and evaluate investment opportunities in the real estate, hospitality and other industries, as well as works of art and other alternative investments, and assist our clients throughout the process including full due diligence, compliance and linking investments to the citizenship or residency programmes. Our main focus is on the UK, Cyprus, Greece, France, Switzerland and Belgium.


Development & Investment research

Group of companies Zoeline Management performs support and validation of investment projects in the field Of business and real estate, it includes conduction of a complex of interconnected measures. Our specialists search for highly profitable international projects, analyze the investment climate, prepare all the documentation for the project, and also provide consulting and juridical support at the entrance to the international market.


Inspecting your partners

We offer services in inspecting your partners’ goodwill, together with financial and legal condition of their business in Cyprus:

With our help you will be able to make the following kinds of investments:

  • Commercial objects (trade, offices, industrial, land)
  • Residential properties (elite properties)
  • Investment projects
  • Investments in existing businesses and start-ups
  • Acquisition of ready businesses

Our professionals use their knowledge of the local market in order to search for profitable and marketable international projects, analysis of investment environment, development of business plans, preparation of all the documentation pertaining to the project, as well as legal support: checking goodwill of your partners, financial and legal state of the object of purchase, together with support and conduct of transactions and meetings.

Business consulting

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been in this corporate consulting business, we were able to help hundreds of top-flight companies and thousands of individuals to find the right solutions

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completed projects 


International Experience

Our unique advantage is the international experience in providing services. Our company has earned the trust of customers in all areas of its activities.

Zoeline Management

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been in this corporate consulting business, we were able to help hundreds of top-flight companies and thousands of individuals to find the right solutions.